Organic traffic

No matter if you use youtube- or google-analytics, in any case you will be confronted with these terms and you had to know what the difference between organic, referral and direct traffic is.
In short, you can see from where your traffic comes from.
In most cases, the largest amount of traffic on your website or youtube channel will be direct and organic traffic. If you decide to make paid advertising such as pay-per-click marketing, you may also see traffic coming from advertising campaigns.

Organic Traffic

This traffic source comes from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Paid search ads or PPC advertising (pay-per-click) are not included in this source category. By the way, if you choose to run a paid advertising campaign, it will not affect the ranking of your site. Organic search is achieved solely through natural placement in search engine results, (without paying for it).

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic usually comes from someone who has entered your website directly into the browser. Or someone might have saved your website address and used a bookmark to get to it.
Visitors can also fall into the direct category by clicking a link to your site from an email or PDF document, accessing your site through a shortened URL (which is a summary of your site address), clicking a link from a secured site to your unsecure site, or clicking a link to your site from a social media application such as Facebook or Twitter.

The demarcation is not always easy to understand. Therefore, if you ever notice a decline in organic traffic, check your direct traffic figures. It is quite possible that it will be compensated with an increase in direct traffic.

Referral Traffic

The last category, referral traffic, consists of traffic from visitors who click on a link from another website and then land on your website. These “other” sites can include affiliate sites, blogs, emails, posts on social media sites, and more.
Referral traffic in Google Analytics tells you from where the visitor clicked on a link that led to your site. This is referred to as the source.

In which category does purchased traffic fall?

Purchased views and visits are usually direct traffic. This is also a problem because Google and Youtube evaluate the mix of all 3 categories for the Pagerank.

I solved the problem by buying the YouTube Exploder. This bot behaves organically, i.e. it starts the video via keywords that I have specified and thus produces organic traffic. I regularly buy the direct traffic from Referral traffic comes with the rising Pagerank all by itself. I’ll explain in a separate post how you can push these so-called backlinks.

By the way, the traffic for your website is very similar. I also buy it at and can add up to 3 keywords and 3 search engines. That leads to a very good mixture of sensitive parameters for your pagerank.

If you have any questions, please use the comment field, I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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