Fake YouTube Views

Countless socal marketing consultants tell you what to do:

“Make your content interesting, choose a meaningful thumbnail, maintain your community, respond quickly to comments, use more social media channels, win backlinks, watch out for the right tags, etc. Then the views, visits, likes and follower come on their own.”

 Have you ever thought about what will happen if everyone follows these advice? 

Quite simply, everything stays the same. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to the advices. But you should be cautious with your expectations. In the end, the budgets of the website operators or their agencies still decide who is in front.

But don´t forget:

It’s like the snowflake and the avalanche. Either there is someone who triggers them – these are often the big agencies – or you make a big enough snowball and let it roll down the mountain itself. This snowball usually consists of views, likes, comments, subscriptions, watchtime, and organic page visits. Without them, everything else is a futile effort.

You go around in circles: If you don’t have one, you don’t get one

That’s why you have to buy fake youtube views – which shouldn’t be a problem at today’s prices. For understandable reasons, you won’t hear this recommendation from the social marketing specialists – it will spoil their business.

Nevertheless you should not do without it. However, it is important to keep a few basic rules in mind. The most important: Buy your traffic from a professional. I have compiled a list of my Top 4 providers for you. Don´t forget to subscribe to the blog so that you don’t miss any reviews or tips.


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