5 tips for your campaign with bought views

Make sure that you do not create unnatural peaks with your purchased views. For example, what happens if you had 50 views per day on average so far and now suddenly get 2000 views within 2 days, but then fall back to 50 views per day?

The total number of views looks much more attractive and this may impress your potential “real” subscribers and tempt them to subscribe, but this has no influence on your ranking.

Why? Youtube will probably identify the peak as a fake and not consider it in the ranking. That’s no big deal if you just rely on the image effect of the high view number. If that’s your intention, you should still pay attention to the number of views you buy, they should still be in reasonable proportion to your usual growth. An example: If you normally have a growth of 100 views per month, occasional purchases of 1000-2000 views are unproblematic. However, you can be sure that with a peak of 100,000 views Youtube could suddenly react critically and shorten the views.

Tip 1

Replace or supplement a real marketing campaign with regularly purchased views.


The table and graphs illustrate how respectable growth can be achieved at low cost.

Tip 2

Don’t stop your campaign abruptly but let it run out slowly. It is best to keep them at your starting level until they are overtaken by the real views.

Tip 3

Buy High Retention views only. These are views that have a watchtime of over 50%. High watchtime per view is a significant quality feature for Youtube and is reflected in the ranking.

Tip 4

Become a member of at least one of the sub-markets on Facebook. The best thing to do is to send a nice message to new members asking them to exchange subs, comments and like each other. This is much more effective than just posting your video in the community.

Tip 5

Buy yourself a good YouTube bot. I recommend the YT-Exploder, because it generates organic views and can be used to push preferred keywords and watchtime. You can get the YT-Exploder here. You can also use the bot to prevent an abrupt end of your campaign. In the end you save on buying views.

I wish you much success with your campaign. If you have any questions, please use the comment field, I will answer as soon as possible.

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